PC Pitstop – Troubleshooting Your PC

Image courtesy of PC Pitstop

If you have read my blogs, you will know that I was having issues with my computer, even after it was just formatted. I did not know what was wrong. The PC was running ultra slow and I could not access the internet even though my network shows that I was already connected to the internet.

I called up my friend for help but he said he was busy and that he is not technical support so I slammed the phone and went online to search for an answer. Thank god I have another computer at home.

I found PC Pitstop where one can read all sorts of articles or run scans and tests. Moreover, there is a community support forum where the more experienced members help out people with computer problems.

I learnt a lot in that afternoon. I actually found out that my problem was caused by Trojans. Another format did the trick!

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