Kilimanjaro Climbs and Worldwide Treks

Image courtesy of Tusker Trail

I have a friend who is very adventurous. When she has conquered all the mountains in the country, she still hankered for more and joined climbing expeditions abroad. Although I am not as adventurous as her, I enjoy listening to her travel tales and the challenge she found climbing some of the famous mountains in the world.

Besides mountain climbing and trekking, she loves back packing too. What a free spirit she is.

She told me about Tusker Trail, which is founded by Eddie Frank who has thirty years of experience climbing Kilimanjaro and climbed the mountain just as many times. In such climbs, safety is of utmost importance so it is a blessing that Eddie himself is a medical professional and has highly competent trained staff to guide tourists up the mountain.

Before you decide to climb that mountain and put yourself through the “torture” I think you would be wise to get to know the place better by requesting for a free brochure from Tusker Trail. While you are at the site of Tusker Trail, why not watch the amazing Kilimanjaro on video?

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